[Harp-L] calling tongue block benders

Steve, I guess what I was suggesting was make (absolutely sure) if not (totally positive) that you have mastered the "FUNDAMENTALS" of harp playing--

This feat [though a tall order] is imperative in order to accomplish the finesse it takes to master left/right tongue blocking abilities. Crossing all your T's and dotting all your I's  {fundamentally speaking} should prepare you to genuinely understand the dynamic usage of advanced TB techniques (bends, etc.)! 

In other words... if one is given a harmonica test on how well they know & understand  harp playing fundamentals and can easily they can execute them - they should get all A's on the test. If one does not get high grades -  then they are quite possibly putting the cart before the horse when it comes to desiring to reach a new plateau of harmonica playing.  

Having strong fundamental concepts thoroughly routed within your being will help your minds eye to envision what exactly is going on inside the mouth to create perfect effortless bends as well as empowering the muscle memory it takes to create every accurate bend possible. These things along with being able to instantly hear the notes aka (bends)  before they are even executed, are the rewards of having a solid fundamental foundation under your belt. Frank

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