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Actually, I've gotten more proficient on the 1 and 2 draw bends on my 365 in
c than I would have ever imagined. 
I just want to get rid, either by improvement in my own technique, or by
alchemical harp modification of that hissing... Which might have limited
application in a song about approaching trains, but which isn't always
welcome for me.
Brad Trainham

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Brad, with all the 364/5s, even after serious customizing, isn't bending on
the bottom two holes largely up to the player?  You may not be able to get a
proper 2Dbb no matter how well the harp is done, because that's outside most
players' physical resonance range; you'll have to work at it (I haven't and
can't do it).  Fixing the leakiness doesn't change that.  That problem might
be prohibitive, in fact, for your playing style in some styles of music--if
you can't play a good 2Dbb and 1Db on a low D 1896, you likely won't be able
to do it on a 365.  Smaller chambers like Dave suggests would no doubt help,
but you will have to find out the hard way.  If anything, that might be why
you don't see more use of 364/5.  I would think about that one before you
spend the $.  You should also plan $ for serious reedwork, as large-platform
harps like 364/5, MS or chros need that even more than handmade-size reeds
do.  IMO a NOS or clean used yellow-brass one would be better to start with
than the current dumbed-down red brass, if you're really building a wonder

Stephen Schneider
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