[Harp-L] Switchcraft Inline Volume Control

I have somewhat rare item of interest currently offered on  eBay, a near mint 
Switchcraft 329 inline volume  control. eBay Item# 110309416374, ends this 
Sunday evening  somewhere around 6:30 Pacific time.  Hard to find in any shape,  
this one is really nice.  A few other harp mic related items  too, but the 
329 is probably the only one worthy taking up space  on harp-l.  I'll throw in 
free shipping on the 329 for harp-l  subscribers.
Chris Richards
Twin Tone Harmonica Microphones
My website is new and still incomplete, but much updated  from even a couple 
days ago.  If you went there any earlier, I agree,  it was a horrible & 
uninteresting mess.  Please ask for a copy of  my free Harp Mic Buyers Guide.  I 
think It's a good read for  anyone interested in amplified harmonica.
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