[Harp-L] G-Drive

Has anybody ever tried an Akai G-Drive for harp? It is an equalized
distortion / overdrive pedal made for guitar.
(link to photo of pedal from eBay)

It has six band equalization on the input side, called 'character' and a
separate 6-band equalization on the output ('colour').

The story on these pedals is that Akai made them around 2001 to 2002. They
didn't catch on at that time, and they were sold for well less than MSRP
when they were discontinued. Now, although they are rare, they have a
following in the guitar world, and now sell for more than the original
price. I heard about them, and found one on eBay that was new old stock. I
haven't received it yet. I'd think that one might work great for harp. Have
any of you ever tried one?

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