Re: [Harp-L] Need Help Richter Tuned "Chromatic" Harmonica Options

Koch is tuned like 10-hole Richter Marine Band and does not have 
windsavers/valves. Usually the same piece of plastic is called a windsaver on chromatic 
and a valve on diatonics -- both are designed to reduce air leakage. The Koch is 
rather leaky compared to the Hohner Slide Harp. Both are sold by Hohner and 
both used to be available in C & G but now may be available only in C.

The Slide Harp 10-hole has windsavers or valves on the first 6 draw reeds and 
last 4 blow reeds. This is called half-valved. This allows blow bends on the 
Slide Harp on the first 6 holes like those achieved Jimmy Reed style on the 
top end of the standard 10-hole diatonic. This single-reed bend is the same kind 
of bend available on solo-tuned chromatics. Both the Slide Harp and Koch are 
capable of draw bends on holes 1-4,6 and blow bends on holes 8-10 because of 
the reed layout. 

The Hering Richter tuned slide harp is a chromatic that has full valves just 
like a regular solo-tuned chromatic and as a result will not bend like a 
conventional Richter tuned diatonic because the valves/windsaver interfere. I think 
the one I have has 10 holes and has a gold antique colored covers.

All of these Richter layout harps lack access to the note A in the first 
octave without bending. There is no way to get that note by pushing the lever. 
That is because the lever raises notes a half-step and there is no note in the 
first octave Ab/G# that can be raised to A.

Don't know anything about Seydel other than the two wonderful 12-hole 
custom-tuned chromatic deluxe models I have that were factory-tuned to C7 and G7 
chords. But Seydel can build you what you want at a reasonable price. I suggest 
you get a half-valved richter tuned whatever number of holes you need. The 
half-valving doesn't interfere with any bending and reduces air leaks.

Hope this helps.
Phil Lloyd


In a message dated 11/15/08 9:08:42 PM, gwoodhouse40@xxxxxxx writes:

> I've played exclusively 10 hole diatonics but recently I've been researching 
> in the archives, looking at manufacturer's sites, and assessing local 
> availability of Richter tuned "chromatic" or slide harmonicas and have some 
> questions that some of you might be able to help with.
> "Hohner Koch" - Seems to be available in C & G under $100 - 10 hole.  
> Archives state this as a leaky harp.
> "Hohner Slide" - Now only available C in the $100 range (perhaps G was 
> available in the past) - 10 hole.  Partially valved to improve air tightness.  How 
> airtight is this harp compared to the "Hering Blues 48" and "Seydel 
> Chromatic DeLuxe Richter Blues"?
> "Seydel Chromatic DeLuxe Richter Blues" - Generally available around $110 - 
> 12 holes (square). I saw a Dave Payne post regarding a tuning tweak but could 
> not find any "performance reviews".  Appears to be valved from Seydel's site 
> description.  How is the overall air tightness of this harmonica?  I have a 
> preference towards Seydel based on my recent and gradual conversion to their 
> 1847/Silver harps and what a wonderfully built and comfortable instrument 
> they are.  Can I expect the same from the Chromatic Deluxe?
> "Hering Blues 48" or "Hering Blues Band 48" - Availability??  Price around 
> $100??  12 holes (round).  One archive post referenced the superior air 
> tightness of this harp.  Can anyone help to put that into context with some or all 
> of the options listed above.  I can't seem to find an on-line US retailer of 
> this harmonica.  The Hering USA site (via Brazil??) doesn't seem to be up and 
> running yet.  An archive post referenced the site for 
> this harp.  This looks like a potential source although there is no ability to 
> order directly from this site.  I have sent mail on availability.
> I am intrigued by the 12 hole harps.  I often find myself wanting more on a 
> run down to the 1 blow during a slow blues tune.  I've never played a round 
> hole harmonica.  Any considerations there?  So really, the above is a long way 
> of asking which is tighter, the Seydel or the Hering and where are the best 
> places to find/buy the Hering.  Any other useful input on this topic would be 
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Glenn Woodhouse
> The ColdRail Blues Band
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