Re: [Harp-L] calling tongue block benders

OOPS,,,,,,,wrong Steve.  I thought you were replying to what I was post last
week re: octaves

On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 7:58 PM, steve warner <10reedsbent@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Frank,
> Hittin' octaves are easy, but it's that flutter sound I'm after.  To my
> ears it's like an advanced octave.   I think I haven't been explaining
> myself properly and the fact that my practice harps are slightly out of tune
> may have been the culprit now that I'm really digging back into the harp for
> the first time in over 2 years.
> Now that my lungs and head is clear, a funny think happened Sat. afternoon
> after my ears popped several times from that head cold that was going
> around...... I went digging into my big harp case for the harps I don't use
> for practice,  I grabbed a rarely used 7 year old Lee Oskar G, an unused
> 1923 Hering C, a BLues Harp A, C and several slightly used Special 20's in
> various keys and they all had that beautiful octave where the flutter was
> starting to sound on the blows.  That's what I'm after "ala William
> Clarke".  Now most of these harps  were the harps that I regapped  before my
> divorce over 2 years ago, so  I'm beginning to think that some harps aren't
> tuned just right from factory   The blow octaves are easy, but the ones I'm
> really concentrating on are the draw octaves and with these harps nearly all
> were accomplished up to the 5/9.   6/10's are a little stiff and shrill
> except the low low keys.  Hitting them just right with proper air to get
> that draw octave flutter I will soon have down fluently.
> thanks
> .
>   On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 5:16 PM, Frank Franze <Franze52@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi - Steve... my eureka moment was>>" not putting a time limit" on how
>> long it would take to master solid tongue blocking techniques out of the
>> left side of my mouth.  A suggestion would be to make sure your ability to
>> play music using nothing but octaves is strong and effortless.  Good luck
>> and above all have fun! Frank
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> steve
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fattest tone on earth!

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