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Hey Glen, the Archives are correct on the Koch.  Koch has no windsavers. Playing it is like drinking through a straw that has a hole in it. 
never played the Hohner slide. 
The Chromatic Richter is a fully valved instrument. It's a chromatic deluxe RIchter tuned it's tight. I've got a bunch of 270s and Chromatic DeLuxes, I can play a lot faster on the DeLuxes cause they are tighter. I am a bit biased for Seydel, sure, but not totally, cause I do sell the occasional 270, I just don't advertise them much cause the DeLuxe holds its own w/ a 270 for a much cheaper price. 
The DeLuxe Richter is a 12-hole. If you go to my myspace page, I am playing a Chromatic DeLuxe RIchter in Low C on "Moon Going Down"

It's definitely not one to let the price fool you on. The price of it should be about $200, but the price has not increased since the 1990s. Back then, they just made the C and it was $99. It's still $99. Seydel had actually DROPPED the 1990s price to $94.95 around 2005, but it's better now that it was then. So, I don't know how long that price can hold. I'm getting one for personal use whenever I can as soon as I can. The DeLuxe has square holes. 
One concern about Hering, it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is to get parts from Hering and last time I tried there WAS a Hering USA. Otherwise, I loved their chromatics. very responsive. _________________________________
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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I've played exclusively 10 hole diatonics but recently I've been researching in the archives, looking at manufacturer's sites, and assessing local availability of Richter tuned "chromatic" or slide harmonicas and have some questions that some of you might be able to help with.

"Hohner Koch" - Seems to be available in C & G under $100 - 10 hole.  Archives state this as a leaky harp.

"Hohner Slide" - Now only available C in the $100 range (perhaps G was available in the past) - 10 hole.  Partially valved to improve air tightness.  How airtight is this harp compared to the "Hering Blues 48" and "Seydel Chromatic DeLuxe Richter Blues"?

"Seydel Chromatic DeLuxe Richter Blues" - Generally available around $110 - 12 holes (square). I saw a Dave Payne post regarding a tuning tweak but could not find any "performance reviews".  Appears to be valved from Seydel's site description.  How is the overall air tightness of this harmonica?  I have a preference towards Seydel based on my recent and gradual conversion to their 1847/Silver harps and what a wonderfully built and comfortable instrument they are.  Can I expect the same from the Chromatic Deluxe?

"Hering Blues 48" or "Hering Blues Band 48" - Availability??  Price around $100??  12 holes (round).  One archive post referenced the superior air tightness of this harp.  Can anyone help to put that into context with some or all of the options listed above.  I can't seem to find an on-line US retailer of this harmonica.  The Hering USA site (via Brazil??) doesn't seem to be up and running yet.  An archive post referenced the site for this harp.  This looks like a potential source although there is no ability to order directly from this site.  I have sent mail on availability.

I am intrigued by the 12 hole harps.  I often find myself wanting more on a run down to the 1 blow during a slow blues tune.  I've never played a round hole harmonica.  Any considerations there?  So really, the above is a long way of asking which is tighter, the Seydel or the Hering and where are the best places to find/buy the Hering.  Any other useful input on this topic would be appreciated.


Glenn Woodhouse
The ColdRail Blues Band
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