[Harp-L] Question for all you Marine Band Customizers

This thread has been very instructive for me.  I am glad someone besides me
has noticed the same characteristics.  I own a recent manufacture 364S and a
60's vintage 365 I am restoring.  The new 364S was a great disappointment.
It was indeed leaky and the tuning sounded harsh to put it kindly.  But, at
the time I laid it off to my newbie status and figured the Harp would grow
on me as I improved my skills.  That has held to be partially true but not
completely.  When Musician's Friend began handling Hering Harps at a
reasonable price, I ordered a much less expensive Hering Master Solo.  World
of difference.  Granted, it is a partially valved harp, but it is also very
tight, well tuned, has as good or better volume than the much larger Hohner
and a much better tone.  The tone is so smooth it is almost glassy.

The tip on flat sanding the Hohner combs is very much appreciated,
especially concerning my 365 project harp.

Bill Kumpe

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