[Harp-L] New embossing tool.


I was in Michaels Arts and Crafts, buying some paint to paint and Old
Thorens in LSU Colors, and I happened to look at the stencil area and I
found a little tool set that they call an Embossing Stylus Set.  It is three
wooden handles, with little chrome plated balls on metal rods, ranging in
size from .5mm to 3mm.  The Part number is SET-RD90, and it was $4.95.  I
bought one on a whim.  


I started playing with some scrap plates, and tried different techniques.
Here is what I finally did   I took a .0011 feeler gauge, and ground one end
flat.  I held the feeler gauge against the pad of the reed about in the
middle of the reed, and parallel to the reed, and used the largest of the
balls, and embossed the reed one side at a time to within .0001", which is
the thickness of the Security strips that we all use to debur the slots now.
I never stuck a reed, and the feeler was thick enough to prevent the reed
from being pushed into the slot. 


It made my day.


Harvey Berman

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