[Harp-L] bad out-of-the box harp solutions

> From: "steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx" swebb@xxxxxxxxxxx
> >You like nailed harps better than ones with screws? ... How many times can 
> you take a harp apart with nails before it starts to become a >problem 
> getting the cover plates back in place and tight? Or am I missing something here?
> >Steve Webb in M inn.
> >where I just give up on a D Big River that was the worst out of the box 
> harp I've ever seen.

Once of the great things about Hohner that many people tend to forget when 
complaining about the 
"quality" of mass-produced harmonicas is that you can get them easily fixed 
by Hohner because Hohner has a repair facility where you can actually talk to a 
human. This is not true for some companies -- and I don't know about the 

You have two obvious choices: (1) send the D Big River to Hohner and/or (2) 
order a set of MS reed plates. 

People used to say they bought Big River harps just to use the MS reedplates 
in their other MS harps because the   discounted BR harps were cheaper than 
buying the replacement reedplates. Don't know if this is still true.

If you've already fixed the harp, good for you. Mark it up to good training.

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