[Harp-L] Marine 365 Band Customization

Hi Brad,
I've done a few 365's. They were all SBS though. I do the usual, open covers,(more) brace,emboss blah, blah. The one
thing I have done though that makes me want to play mine more is shorten the ends of the thing. My hands
are not especially big so the end of my pointer finger doesn't get past the 7th hole. Then to move beyond that hole
I have to shift hand placement. This could have been avoided somewhat if the hole spacing were the same as a regular M.B.
I know the reeds are considerably wider but this wouldnt have made the tines that much thinner.
Actually, the harp only would have been 4.807" wide instead of 6 1/4".
Mine are 5.530". Might not sound like a lot but its enough to make me 
play it more often. I also added bolts between the channels at #7-8 (center) and between #'s 4-5 and
10-11. This help the leaking tremendously. There is a picture of one I did for someone on my site but he didn't want the
ends shortened.

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