[Harp-L] Meteor Amp with Lone Wolf Delay

I like delay a lot but didn't love the Lone Wolf relative to my previously owned Chandler rack delay or my Maxon analog pedal But I have to add they cost a Lot more than the Lone Wolf and Randy of Lone Wolf fame is a terrific and fair guy (I have to check out his new devices some day). Now even with the Maxon (which I loved attached to my little Magnatone or my previous Kinder Soulful) I didn't care for it married to my Mini Meteor; It just made the amp sound too artificially electric to me. Nor does delay sound very good with my present gigging big Magnatone clio bass amp with a 15'' speaker. Interestingly my POG matched up with my Mini-Meteor well. Anyway I've got to get back to my month old twins dissonantly crying in the background. My best. d

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