Re: [Harp-L] Mic Impedance Transformer

Winslow Yerxa wrote:
Are you using the matching transformer going into a hi-z input, or into a lo-z as well? Or to be more precise, what are the impedances involved?
i use it when plugging into my amp, a peavey bandit 112,
which is high Z, 250K Ohms.  adding the transformer made
a big difference in sound and volume.

i also use the fireball, without transformer, attached (XLR) to a samson
AX-1 wireless transmitter.  the output from the corresponding receiver
(samson concert 77) is a 1/4" output , but just 5K Ohms, going into the
input on my digitech rp250, which is 500K Ohms.  i expect i need a
transformer in that chain, as well.  i asked about that here recently,
but got no response.  haven't gotten around to picking one up.

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