[Harp-L] Question for all you Marine Band Customizers

Have any of you who customize/deluxify the various Marine Band harps ever
turned your attentions to the 365?  In this case, I'm speaking of the
"standard" as opposed to the Steve Baker Special?
What I'd want would be to keep the harp from losing so much air, especially
on the low end, to have holes 4 through 6 set up for over-blows and to
render the others as responsive as possible to their possibilities of
bending on the higher end. 
Along with that, I'd like to explore some tuning tweaks to the individual
reeds, particularly the 5 draw as I'd be playing the harp in other than
second position sometimes. 
 While I understand these harps usually come off as novelty instruments, it
seems to me that if one was appropriately decked out/hot-rodded, you could
end up with a fairly versatile instrument, especially for acoustic playing.
So if you 've ever done this before, or you do it all the time, tell me
about your result and what you'd need financially to pull off such a
transformational miracle as would give me 14-hole harp heaven on earth.
I may not be able to spring for the whole adventure until after the first of
the year, because while my low harp might be airy, my money is quite tight
tonight if you follow my drift.
But it never hurts to dream, so let me know.
Brad Trainham

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