[Harp-L] Questions about Impendance Matching Trasformer


The Radio Shack transformer will work just fine. To make a low impedance mic sound the way it is supposed to sound you absolutely need to use an impedance matching transformer if you are going into an electric guitar amp. There's a brief discussion of impedance matching transformers in the post on September 13, 2008 titled "XLR>1/4 inch IMT" which may be of interest to you.


I have a low impendance mic that I use with a simple guitar amp. The amp has those three knobs that control the different levels. Generally, I have the high tones turned down low and the low tones turned up. Do you recommend I use one of those transformers?

Also, I've seen low impendance to high impendance adapters at Radio Shack.
Are these what you are talking about, or are these specifically for the

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