[Harp-L] Impedance Transformer and Thunderharp mic low end

Hi Joel,
I have a bullet shell with an element from Steve Warner at www.thunderharpmics.com
Ask for a bullet with the "A-1" element, and you will get all the bottom out of your tube amp.
I use mics with Shure and Astatic crystals, Shure CM and CR  elements (which can be very good, atlthough crystal elements are less rugged) . For amps, all are HI-Z
The Fireball- V  is a great mic for going into a PA for a clean sound. .
A Lone Wolf Harp Delay will also add a quality that works with the rig you describe.
 From: Joel aka Poweharp <powerharp@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: November 13, 2008 8:43:04 AM PST
> To: harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [Harp-L] Mic Impedance Transformer
> I recently began using a Fireball-V mic.  This is a low impedance  
> mic (150
> ohms).  It has been suggested that I us an impedance transformer  
> which I
> understand will boost the signal through the entire range of the  
> mic.  I've
> played at three jams with the mic and have received comments that  
> the sound was
> a tinny.  My amp is a 60 watt all tube, Pignose G60VR, upgraded with  
> a Weber
> California 4 ohm speaker. With a JT-30 or even a Shaker Dynamic mic  
> the sound range is much more full.
> Before I purchase a transformer, can anyone enlighten me on exactly  
> what I
> can expect it to do in terms of what changes I will hear in the  
> sound/tone?  I
> hope that I will hear a noticeable increase in the lower frequencies  
> that are
> part of the full resonance of any harp in any key.  That's based on  
> my limited
> knowledge of the physics of sound.
> Joel aka Powerharp
> www.myspace.com/powerharp

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