[Harp-L] Diving Back into the Plasma Pool

Hi gang,

Well after being bandless for a few years, it looks like I'll be diving back into the plasma pool of gigging... or at least I'll be dipping my big to into the pool. 

Seems my old guitar player, Jimmy Seville, after moving to Sandy Eggo for 5 or 6 years, has moved back to Colorado -- now married, middle aged and happy, just like me. Anlyway, it turns out that Tera, his lovely spouse, is a terrific vocalist and she too appreciates the subtleties of a (~cough~) well-played harmonica. We have been jamming together for several weeks, done a few open mic gigs with a tentative (but hot!) band that just couldn't quite hold itself together (even though we slayed a the Outlook Hotel's IBC competiion). 

Anyway, we've decided to wing it as a trio (Jimmy on guitar, me on harp and Tera on vocals), and accept a few gigs in the coffee house scene. I'm pretty pumped as this will really challenge me musically (no bass, no drums no dirty amps to lean on), and also whet my appetite for what's been missing in my life these last few years _ playing for a live audience!!!  I'm quite pumped!

FIrst gig is Dec. 19, at a coffee house in Longmont... gonna be a cool blues Xmas set, I think. 

Wish me luck!

Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M. 


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