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Richard Hunter wrote:

Well, this is an interesting question. Does an amp modeler sound like the "real deal"? I definitely think it's difficult to make an amp modeler sound EXACTLY like a particular amp--no matter what the amp is. However, it's also difficult to make two "real" amps of the same make and model sound exactly alike.

Amp modelers definitely sound like "real" amps. In fact, they sound like real, good amps, if not exactly like a particular real, good amp. Some amp modeled patches sound a lot better than many of the "real" amps I've played through. Dennis Gruenling told me that the RP200 patch I tweaked with his help sounded a lot better than some of the backline amps he gets to play through on tour. I very much doubt that anyone can tell from listening to a recording whether it was made with a "real" amp versus a modeled amp. Certainly all of us hear recordings every day on which the guitar parts were recorded with amp modelers, and none of us is any the wiser.

The next generation of amp modelers is going to be even more mind blowing. Peavey has released its Revalver Mark III software, which allows computer users not only to use an amp model, but to design the amp from the inside out, e.g. switching amp and preamp tubes to taste. Given that a hardware amp modeler is basically a software device surrounded by a metal case with 1/4" inputs and outputs, it won't be long before we see the same technology in a footpedal.

In the meantime, I'm delighted to see so many people taking advantage of this low-cost, powerful technology. By the way, because so many people are now adopting the Digitech RP250, I've decided to build a patch set for that device. I'll use a different design style than I used for the RP200--in particular, I'll build sub-sections of the set for different mics. I may also build a set for a device or two by another manufacturer, but more on that later.

regards, Richard Hunter
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As a RP350 user I'm excited to hear what you can come up with in the way of patches. Please keep us informed.


P.S. How was your trip to Vancouver? Sorry I couldn't catch up with you but it was my 50th birthday and my wife and I took off for the states that day.

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