[Harp-L] reed plate thickness

I have tried all sorts of experiments over the years with reed plate thickness, including triple thick Marine Band reed Plates in lo F and E (definitely not worth the effort!!!!) The triple thick had no volume increase over double thick, by the way.

My current thoughts are that doubling is most useful below lo D. It is much easier to fine tune the reeds on single thick reed plates and this allows me to fine tune the response. this makes much more difference in response than doubling. the lo E, F, and D that I have seem too harsh sounding to me unless it is combat level of saturation of sound level, in which case the subtleties of the instrument are going to be less important than having a treble edge so you can cut the room. I have a lo A double thick featured on my myspace page in a recording of "Wild Mountain Thyme", and in this range, I like the sound of the double thick reed plate.

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