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I have 6 HiZ's and the PE57 and 10 R-50 elements and know them very well.  I
used to use one in my car with a Fender Mini Tonemaster and it sounded great
with that set a car.   I did have one with tremendous feedback and
it was just a ruined element inside the shell.   Trashed it.
 These normally don't have feedback problems and are just like any other
mic, but these do sound pretty good and warm when driven through a decent
amp.  The power is about maybe 75-80% of a 545 with good grind for a
lavalier mic.
Techo's mic, harley blinker?,  may have the cheap crystal in it and that's
why the 575 is hotter as you found out.  I even think they're hotter than
the Turner Dynamic when HiZ'd.   If your mic is toast, I can sell you one
for cheap or give you a new element R50 and Hi Z it.  I used to give these
away if I was a week late on a delivery for good faith and the customer
always liked them.  Kind of shot myself in the foot I I
like them.  Heck the sound better than a 100 dollar modern day bullet of any

You should use some  non-sticky/gooey tape to keep the grill from turning to
eliminate handling noise.

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 12:06 PM, Josh Nathan <jen5@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I was at my favorite electronics DIY store the other day and saw an
> old Shure mic in the case.  It's a Shure 575SB, and although I didn't
> know much about it, I picked it up for $25.  I did a bit of research
> and found that it's a low-z mic, although it had a 1/4 jack on the
> attached cable.  I swapped out the 1/4" jack for an XLR and connected
> it to my FDR-1 pedal using an XLR to 1/4" impedance transformer.  I
> run the FDR-1 into a Crate Taxi PA/Amp.
> The mic has a nice dirty tone, and as far as I could find out it has a
> crystal element in it.  The on/off switch works fine and there's a bit
> of noise, but mostly from the impedance transformer (it's a cheapo).
> The problem is, it feeds back like crazy.  I typically use a
> Technobird crystal bullet, and testing it on the same settings I got a
> similar, but slightly less crunchy tone, but no feedback.  In fact,
> the Technobird mics I have (also a chrome bullet with a dynamic
> element), are really feedback resistant.
> Does anyone have any tips on what I can do with this mic to prevent it
> from feeding back so much?  I've rolled back treble and reverb on the
> FDR-1, and the Crate EQ is set to zero across the board.  Neither
> helped much.  I was also considering harvesting the element and
> putting it in the shell of a Superlux harp mic I have (a green bullet
> clone).  Any other ideas?
> Thanks!
> Josh
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