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Geez 12 years on Harp L and i am still hearing about things Harmonica that i'd never even thought about.(great eh)
First fjm and with his embossing and now Davey (Crockett) as per below.
(dumb questions) How do you exactly double plate a Harp?
I assume that only one plate has reeds on it?(duh)
Does this plate go on the bottom or top?
Please just tell us how you would set up a double plated harp.I'm keen to try it as i have a plethora of spare reed plates.Most of which came about 'cos of my embossing experiments.;-)
in NZ

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A thicker reedplate will play better because, this factor is widely overlooked, the screw pressure is distributed more evenly, thus the reedplate holds flatter and you get less leaking. I have double plated them before, that's going from like 1.04 mm to 2.08 mm and it will overblow much easier.

nice e-mail address, Mr. buttercup
Dave Payne Sr.
Elk River Harmonicas

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I've read that reed plate thickness can affect volume, but I've also read some conflicting information regarding other affects of reed plate thickness. I've read from one source that a thicker reed plate makes it more difficult to bend notes, but another source claimed that a thicker read plate actually makes it easier to bend and overblow notes. If someone could inform which one of these is correct it would be very much appreciated. Is there really going to be much difference between a standard 0.9mm plate and a 1.07mm plate? Thank you for any help you can give.

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