[Harp-L] The Real Christmas Book -- new fakebook

For all of you fakebook fans, "C Instruments The Real Christmas Book" (list 
$25; 2008) has been released.

It has 216 pages ( 8 1/2 X 11 size)   of tunes in fakebook format: melody 
line, lyrics and chord names. And for those of you who care, this edition is 
fully licensed.

Some of the Christmas fakebooks I've purchased in the past are all Christmas 
carols (with no pop tunes) or all pop tunes with no Christmas carols.

This has a nice mix of pop songs: Blue Christmas, Carol of the Bells (a New 
Year's turned Xmas tune), The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting) , The 
Christmas Waltz, so it's a nice mix.

In the past, I would see a Christmas fakebook and buy it even though it 
didn't have Blue Christmas or the Christmas Song in it -- and then purchase another 
and another till I had the tunes I wanted.

Just like books of songs are a lot cheaper than buying individual songs in 
sheetmusic, fakebooks are a n even better deal. That's because fakebooks only 
have the melody line and chords/lyrics the average song is only one page long -- 
so you can get almost 200 songs in 200+pages. So it's an economical way to 
buy songs -- and besides they look like harmonica notation. 

The only thing missing is the harmonica tablature -- which is not hard to do 
once you have a harp layout chart of the key of the music or you could tab it 
out for chromatic if your music reading skills or tab making skills are a 
little rusty.

Phil Lloyd

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