Re: [Harp-L] B Minor harp songs

Most people consider a harp key based on the note in hole 1 blow.  Lee
Oskar names its Natural minor harps based on the note in hole 2 draw.
WHen you have a B minor natural Lee Oskar harp, 2 draw is B and 1 blow
is E.  B scale easily plays a B natural minor scale whereas the E
scale easily plays E dorian.
Michael Rubin

On 11/12/08, Mark Stringer <mrstringer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why is it "really a E minor".
> You do know, however that your B minor Lee Oscar is really a E minor.  They
> just label it is 2nd postion. which sometimes screws me up, I now make all my
> minors from standard left over harps.
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