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The socket sounds a bit small (slope too steep) and you probably should just plink the reed until it sounds, I think you could be creating problems with the file. I saw Buddha was using a 7mm socket, I used to use a German half mark coin (bout the size of a penny) before I started using stuff a man could cut himself on. 
If you do it smooth, something about the diameter of a penny is good. Some use pennies, I never liked them cause the metal is too soft.
Dave Payne Sr. 
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Hello, this is my first post at Harp-I. I am the newsletter editor for HOOT
(Harmonica Organization Of Texas).

I have tried embossing on a couple of harps. To me, sound changed, but not
by much. They do seem more responsive and easier to play...of course that
may be my imagination. I wanted to write down what I am doing. Maybe someone
can either tell me I'm doing it right, or point me in the right direction.
I use a small, cylindrical socket, about the width of a pencil. I push down
on the rivet end,  and with a bit of pressure. I repeat this until the reed
gets stuck in the slot.

Once the reed is stuck, I pop it back out and use a small file at the edges
(very softly and carefully) until the reed plays again.

Is this a process that would work?

Thanks for your time...

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