[Harp-L] newbie question

Hey Dom:


I went back and watched the video again and I would have to disagree with
you.  To me, the high notes are definitely on the 6-10 holes and the low on
1-5.  I think what might confusing to you is that Christelle is holding the
harp in her right hand (so do I) which is the opposite of what most harp
books teach - and therefore perhaps since you also hold the harp in the left
hand, Christelle's right handed grip might look backwards to you.  That's my
theory for what it is worth.


Also, Christelle.  Wonderful playing.  You know you are very talented and I
enjoy watching/listening to the music you record in your bedroom or living
room.  This latest video shows that not only can you play the "classics"
very well, but also that you have soul girl (you go girl! get down!).
Here's what I would like to see - you, on a harp, jamming your butt off with
some live musicians.  I have not seen all of your videos, so perhaps there
are already some of those out there.  If so, please post the link so I can
check them out.  If not, please let us all know when you do because I am
sure you will knock 'em dead and everyone will enjoy.


Tom Halchak



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