Re: [Harp-L] Audix Fireball Microphone with AKG on Youtube SO 40 Snapon

Hi Seth

"Very nice blues chops there. I hadn't realized how long the AKG transmitter was. Do you also have an inline volume control on there? How do you find the size/weight of the whole rig?


Cheers man for the compliments...

The AKG SO 40 SNAPON (its name) is not long at all with a fireball V. And it looks gorgeous...

I've to be honest: the mike you've seen on the video is modified. 2 Things have done:

- 1st I've replaced the original grill by a SM 58. Steve Baker is quite right regarding the cupping thing, the Fireball V has an egg shape type of grill and my hands are quite small, so I've replaced the grill. In addition the cell of the mike has more sound pressure on it so it's georgeous to rieach the fat sound you can hear....

I've to say thay I've another Fireball V (because of that: ) and I've to say that I love this mike too without any modifications.

- 2nd I've soldered a 1k ohm resistor between the pin 2 and 3 inside de mike...Why ? Because the volume control is simply not working (just an on-off function without the resistor with the AKG). Greg Heumann and Me we've found the solution to make it works, now it works just as a charm.

The size and weight is purely a joke...Extremely light and small

Does it answer your question?

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