Re: [Harp-L] I put up a Veterans Day video with Gwen Foster

On Nov 12, 2008, at 3:26 AM, Richard Hammersley wrote:

No disrespect to veterans, but I am interested that commemorating warriors on this list is apparently a non-contentious, non- political issue, whereas celebrating the first non white american in the White House IS a contentious, political issue!! Yet war is of course politics pursued by violent means.

The fact that Obama is HALF black and HALF white has nothing to do with it. 52% voted one way, 47% another and 1% another. If you were to put 53 people on one side of a room and 47 on the other, you would be hard pressed to be able to pick which side of the room had more occupants. Ergo: the country is nearly split on this issue. Are you slapping 48% of America in the face?

I hope this is only a reflection of the relatively aged profile of the active list members (with a few exceptions) - older Americans did not vote as much for Obama - rather than the continuing systemic tolerance of violence and intolerance of race in the USA that many of us Europeans fear. Harmonica content before I get lashed:

As soon as Italy elects an Etheopean, France elects a Taureg, Britain elects a Kenyan, Swiitzerland elects Phillipino, Spain elects a Mayan, Japan elects a Mongolian, Germany elects a Jew, Poland elects a Pygmy, Canada elects a Korean, Russia elects an Afghani, I MAY be willing to listen to all this drivel.

I found it quite sad that a list devoted to an instrument popularised in part by blues musicians of colour were unable to collectively celebrate there being a black man as president-elect WHATEVER his mainstream politics. That is all Christelle expected. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I have no idea of what Christelle expected, nor do I understand why you bring this up. I don't profess to meddle in your politics. A country that once hung their flag over 30% of the entire WORLD?


Love, peace and democracy to all


On 12 Nov 2008, at 02:17, Dave Payne, Elk River Harmonicas wrote:

Again thanks. Below is the Veterans Day video I made with Gwen Foster (w/ Carolina Twins) doing "It's On to War I'm Going" for the backing track.
Dave Payne Sr.
Elk River Harmonicas

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