[Harp-L] To end up all of this political issues

Hi to you all,

Yes? According of what said the Harp-L owner, I want to end all of this...

I mean my message on Harp-L regarding my happiness to see that USA elect themselves a new president, and to play YOUR National anthem was just a wink from a french girl to you all, and to share the happiness of millions of American people.

I PERFECTLY know that Harp-L is not a forum or list to express political opinion, I don't do that in my own country so I really don't see the point of doing it in a foreign one. Guess what I don't even vote in my country.......

If I remember well, one of the most respected harmonica player, Sonny Boy Williamson II (Rice Miller) wrote a song about the assassination of JFK (JFK Blues) , and many blues players used their music to show that they care about what they can see around them...And even if I've got difficulties to name myself a blues player, I just try to be aware of what happen in this world. This is not what I called politics this is just to be aware of things around

I've got a funny feelings about the people who re posting on this list, the majority of you guys are really nice people passionate, and open hearted....But let's face it! there're jerks as well, people who lead virtuosos as Jason Ricci to stop posting here just because of being who he's... After having thought about this now CLOSED incident, I'll not stop to post here, I'll not pleased the homophobic people (yes I'm proud to be a lesbian) and some individuals that see politics, evil and socialist everywhere...

I want to post here for all the lovely people I can see here, and to share with open hearts, open minds, musics, and most importantly : HUMANITY


Christelle Berthon

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