[Harp-L] Microvox, Audix Fireball

I've used a Microvox condenser mic on numerous occasions since the late 80s. It was primarily developed for stringed instruments and consisted of an electret element enclosed in a rubber surround to avoid contact noise, connected to a battery & volume control belt unit with a 1/4" jack output. Like that you could hold it between your fingers and I met a number of chrom players who liked it for a clean acoustic sound. Personally I cut it out of the rubber, put the element into an Astatic shell, embedded in a circular piece of foam rubber behind the grill, and played through whatever amp I was using at the time. I still quite like the sound for some tunes and used this rig for several titles on the recent BluesCulture CD such as this version of Bill Withers' "Who is he?" (playing through a Fender silver face Princeton Reverb):


I tried an Audix Fireball a couple of years back but was not really impressed as the ball shape makes it impossible for me to enclose it properly. I personally feel the subject is overrated and have gone back to playing acoustic harp on stage through my vocal mic, generally a Shure SM58, after using a Beyerdynamic M160 for some time. Too much trouble having 2 mics.


Steve Baker

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