[Harp-L] New embossing tool

So, Dave, I know you used to use a dull chisel, which you show on your video.  Now you use a sharp knife.  Are you scraping the edges of the slot at an angle mushrooming it out, or are you scribing along the slot pushing the brass out?  

Or, are you shooting a bullet at it grazing the surface of the slot creating a valley next to the slot, and if so what caliber do you suggest?  Just kidding.

Harvey Berman

Davey Payne Says:
I used to use the smooth stuff, Jason Ricci got me on the sharp stuff. I was 
using an Exacto knife, know I'm using this little bone-handled German pen knife, 
it's very light and feels better in my hand than the exacto.
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas

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