Re: [Harp-L] Effects for Harp

I've tried both the RP200 and RP250...

I prefer the amp emulation that the RP250 has. To my ears the difference is significant enough. I personally found that the RP200 sounded more digital than the RP250. The RP*50 series sounds more "3D" to me.

I ended up buying the RP150 since it's identical in terms of sound quality compared to the RP250 but with less bells and whistles that I personally knew I didn't need. Cheaper too.

I love my RP150 and have only been using it for 2 months. One thing about this piece of equipment is that if you take your time to configure it (while understanding the frequency response of your mic) it can do wonders. I've fooled just about everyone at gigs and jams (hooked through PA!). Even after 2 months I'm still discovering "better" sounds I can get out of it by tweaking it's amp modeling section and it's semi-parametric eq.

I actually have cash to blow on a real vintage tube amp and have been considering it but I still haven't found one that has convinced me enough. Probably because I'm loving the fact that I don't need to carry a combo tube amp anymore and all my amplified equipment fits in one pedal board / traveling case. And I can switch between different models (my favorites are the Champ, Deluxe, and Bassman) for a different kind of sound depending on the song.

Now, I'm not saying it's the best but for my application I'd say it's the best for ME. There are people including experts who absolutely despise this piece of hardware so if you're gonna get into amp modeling, get ready to be attacked by the naysayers. They'll tell you that it won't work, it's crap, it doesn't amplify, doesn't cut through the mix, bladee-bla-bla-bla! I agree it will not replicate the psychoacoustics of real tubes and an old stinky vintage speaker... but not cut through? You have got to be kidding me. Put it this way, I've been able to cut through 3 LOUD guitar players who fancy themselves as the Hendrix type... overpowering THEIR sound with the bassman model. Without any feedback and without needing to use the built-in noisegate that comes with the amp modeling unit. It was funny as hell when they told me I was "too loud". First time in my life I get told that by guitar players... let alone 3 who were fighting for the soundscape. 

I suggest that before you buy it, TRY IT.

Good luck!


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