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Dear Joe,

An executive transvestite? A Florscheim sales person? An NYC dominatrix? A street punk? Oh, yes. A Blues harmonica player!

List of daggers:

 a.. Acinaces (Mediterranean)
 b.. Bagh nakh (Indian)
 c.. Balisong, Butterfly knife, Fan knife, Click Clack (Southeast Asian)
 d.. Ballock Dagger (Knife), Ballock-Hafted knife, Kidney Dagger (European)
 e.. Baselard (European)
 f.. Bich'hwa (Indian)
 g.. Cinquedea (European/Mediterranean)
 h.. Dirk (European)
 i.. Dudgeon Dagger (European)
 j.. Ear dagger (European)
 k.. Facón (Southamerican)
 l.. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife
 m.. Gerber Mark II
 n.. Hachiwara (Japanese)
 o.. Hunting dagger (European)
 p.. Jambiya, Jambia (Middle Eastern/Middle Asian)
 q.. Katar (Middle Asian)
 r.. Kalis (Southeast Asian)
 s.. Kard (Middle Eastern)
 t.. Khanjar (Middle Asian)
 u.. Khanjarli (Middle Asian)
 v.. Kris (Southeast Asian)
 w.. Kaiken (Japanese)
 x.. kukri (Nepalese)
 y.. Left-Hand Dagger (European)
 z.. Main-gauche (European/Mediterreanean)
 aa.. Misericorde, Mercygiver (European)
 ab.. Naval Dirk (European)
 ac.. Parrying Dagger, Left-Hand Dagger (European)
 ad.. Pata, Sword Gauntlet (Middle Asian)
 ae.. Phurba (Middle Asian)
 af.. Phiha Kaetta (Southeastern Asia)
 ag.. Poniard (European)
 ah.. Push dagger
 ai.. Quillon Dagger (European)
 aj.. Rondel (European)
 ak.. Seax, Hadseax, Sax, Seaxe, Scramaseax, Scramsax, Scramasax (European)
 al.. Seme
 am.. Sgian Dubh (European)
 an.. Shobo (Japanese)
 ao.. Stiletto (European)
 ap.. Gunner's Stiletto (European)
 aq.. Swordbreaker (European)
 ar.. Hamidashi (Japanese)
 as.. Thracian dagger
 at.. Trench knife
 au.. Trident Dagger (European)
 av.. U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto
 aw.. V-42 Stiletto
 ax.. Yoroi toshi (Japanese)
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Be Blues...And Jazz, (LOL I just couldn't help myself ;-) !)

Suave Blues Man

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On Nov 11, 2008, at 5:34 PM, Dave Payne, Elk River Harmonicas wrote:

I used to use the smooth stuff, Jason Ricci got me on the sharp stuff. I was using an Exacto knife, know I'm using this little bone- handled German pen knife, it's very light and feels better in my hand than the exacto.
Dave Payne Sr.
Elk River Harmonicas

You're German so you use a German pen knife. I use a stiletto. Guess what I am? lol
joe the smokey
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