[Harp-L] Shure 575SB

Josh, the Shure 575SB is a low impedance dynamic type microphone, it's a  
pretty tough little mic.  It was also available in a Hi-Z version, the  575S, 
same R50 cartridge in both.  It's a mic that Walter Horton  sometimes liked to 
play through. (per a discussion with Madcat @ the Oct  2007 Ricci Seminar)  
There were also versions without the handy on/off  switch.  The foam pop filter 
beneath the front mesh is probably  deteriorated and maybe causing your feedback 
issue.  Not too hard  to replace & protects the diaphragm from spit and 
particulates.   I've had a couple Hi-Z models and didn't have huge feedback issues  
with either.  It's possible that the diaphragm is damaged or dirty, If I  
remember correctly there is a slotted/vented plastic cap between the foam  and 
the face of the diaphragm.  I'd open it, check for blocked slots  due to pieces 
of crumbled foam or other crap, gently (and I  mean very, very, very gently) 
remove any  loose debris from the diaphragm (check for distortions or peeling  
edges), replace the foam and give it a try.
Christopher Richards
Twin Tone Harmonica Microphones
_www.home.comcast.net/~bluzeharp_ (http://www.home.comcast.net/~bluzeharp) 
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