Re: [Harp-L] Audix Fireball Microphone

James wrote:
I have only started using a microphone. I have heard about the Audix Fireball.

This one has its own volume control.
Has anyone used the Audix Fireball and what are their experiences?
great mic, particularly if you want a cleaner sound.
not as much proximity effect as, say, an sm57.  volume
control is nice, though i tend to use it more as an on-off
switch than to adjust volume per se.  i used to have
trouble cupping  abullet, and the fireball's smaller size
was easier for me to handle.  that was mostly my own
lack of technique, though, and likely not an issue for

if you eventually go wireless, a fireball attached
to a samson ax-1 or an akg transmitter is a thing of beauty.
both these transmitters are about the size of a disposable
lighter, and combined with the fireball's small size, the whole
deal weighs almost nothing and fits in your pocket.  sweet.

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