Re: [Harp-L] Effects for Harp

Larry Marks <larry.marks@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Apparently Richard Hunter has had the
opportunity to play with both, and he doesn't like the RP250 very much.
Any others?

note that richard's objections center primarily around the fact that he already has an rp200, has invested a great deal of effort in customizing it, and it does everything he wants it to do. if i was in that position, i probably wouldn't be much interested in the 250 either. but that is not to say that someone who owns neither would necessarily make that choice.

the two advantages of the 200 are that you can get it cheaper and you can
buy richard's harp-optimized patch set for it.

advantages of the 250 would be its larger set of models/effects/etc,
better sound processor, better user interface, computer interface,
and better feedback resistance (in my experience).

if you buy it from any of the common online places (musician's friend,
sweetware, etc), you can try it out for a month or so.  if you don't
like it, then return it and buy an old 200 and richard's patch set.
not a lot of risk there.

personally, i expect you'll be happy either way.  they're both cheap,
and you can't go that far wrong.

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