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Larry Marks <larry.marks@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The RP200 is no longer in the Digitech product list, apparently having
been replaced by the RP250?? Does anyone know the difference between
these two devices? Anyone with actual experience with the RP250?

here's what i posted when a similar question was asked on harptalk a few days ago (it always seems to happen that way):

steve haines <schaines@...> wrote:

Has any body tried the RP250 amp modeler?

i use one. great little device. i replaced my old rp300a with it after seeing and hearing a friend's 250 (hi sully!).

I noticed that it has a USB port and might be easier to program and
back up your settings.

in theory. i don't actually use the USB. i played with the software a bit, but found it pretty awful (i have a low tolerance for bad software), and just use the knobs and switches.

I think that DigiTech stopped making the rp200 and replaced it with the


I am wondering what improvements they made over the old model?
May better re verb???

more amp models, a bunch of distortion pedals, stompboxes, and such. it uses their spiffy new AudioDNA 2 DSP chip, which should give it more horsepower for better modeling.

the user interface is much easier to use. i also find it much more
resistant to feedback. i think the gain on the amp models may be
lower. on my rp300 i always had to crank the gain way down to avoid
feedback; with the 250 i have much freer range with it. i play an audix
fireball V into it, and typically send the output to PA or keyboard amp.

i don't use most of the effects. mostly amp/cabinet models, compression,
a little delay, occasionally distortion pedal emulation. i've got maybe
a dozen presets i've created, and tend to use 3 or 4 of them mostly.

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