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Larry Marks wrote:
The RP200 is no longer in the Digitech product list, apparently having been replaced by the RP250?? Does anyone know the difference between these two devices? Anyone with actual experience with the RP250?

The RP200 is one generation previous to the RP250. The audio engines are very different. The RP250 offers more amp models, more effects, etc.

"More" doesn't necessarily mean "Better," but I'm sure the reverbs in the RP250 are better than the RP200's, and I'm sure as well that there are a number of new effects in the RP250 that are worth playing with. Further, the RP250 can be programmed (and patches saved) via computer,while the RP200 can only be programmed by hand.

That said, I didn't see enough difference between the two devices to make me want to spend the time to learn how to operate the RP250 effectively. And it does take time, in this case for a probably marginal improvement in sound. I mean, the RP200 was already pretty damn good.

As everybody on this list know, I sell a patch set for the RP200. It's beginning to look like I might want to develop one for the RP250 as well. But to be frank, I'm more interested in the Zoom B2 at the moment--very nice Bassman emulation in that box, and about $50 less than the RP250.

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