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...................................................... Anyone know of any other lavalier type condensor mics that work well with harmonica that are less expensive than the countryman?

Yes. The little Radio Shack Model: 33-3013 for $25 is hard to beat. Anyone interested in a miniature mic should try this one to compare with anything more expensive. The response curve is fine for harmonica.

I use two of them on my harmonica holder, one just behind the harp and one above the harp close to my mouth for vocals. If you want distortion effects, you have to introduce them down the line with a box, pedal, or amp. You will also need a 1/8 Female to 1/4 Male jack-plug adapter to connect to your amp. I connect them to a Baggs "Mixpro" on-the-belt, 2-channel mixer (about $65 at Guitar Center) that provides the "phantom" power. That enables me to discard the 33-3013's battery holder. I can't say enough good things about that combination of mixer and mics.

There is a button battery and on/off switch in a lump in the cable. The battery is very long-lived IF you remember to turn it off!

On a regular condenser mic, the "phanton" 40 volts is to charge the condenser diaphragm. On an electret, the diaphragm is very much smaller. A few soft volts (from a button battery in the Model: 33-3013 ) is required to power the integral field-effect-transister that is used to lower the impedance of the tiny condenser.

I could be wrong, but my impression is that all electret mics perform about the same. I'm guessing that the elements are mass-produced by a few OEM factories and then packaged differently for different prices by the equipment manufacturers. Electrets are commonly used in videocams, pocket recorders, etc.

There is a lot of information about electrets on the net. You can buy them for a few dollars each in large quantities and provide your own enclosure and wiring.


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