[Harp-L] George Smith and Bacon Fat The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions

Yesterday a student gifted me with this double CD, 36 tracks.  For
those unaware, Bacon Fat was a band with both George Smith and Rod
Piazza.  I am around 13 tracks into it, and it is incredible.  So far,
they take turns leading the band, no double harp numbers yet.  I have
always been a big Smith fan and have always respected Piazza's
technical ability on harp and really enjoyed his feeling on the Live
at BB King album.  I like his feeling on this too.  Anyway, these
recordings have always been nothing but legend to me.  Now I get to
enjoy them.

I would like to know what are some records people are searching for.

Here are some of mine:

The two Mannish Boy records featuring Gary Primich (He was supposed to
come over and hand them to me two days before he passed away, but it
didn't happen.)

The Muddy Waters Woodstock album with Butterfield on harp

Howard Levy's Harmonica Jazz

Michael Rubin

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