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Thanks guys for the pointers to Oliver Ker Ourio and Matthias Broede, both of whom are very good.

Another interesting player is David Barnes, who plays with James Blood Ulmer's blues band. This band started as something of an oddity - harmomelodic jazzer sings the blues - but after several albums and a lot of touring now sound great - check out bad blood in the city - David Barnes plays imaginative backup harp that, like the rest of the band, is blues with a twist.
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You could do worse than check out Olivier Ker-Ourio.

La Javanaise with Sylvain Luc is a good start: although it may not seem like it's displaying his jazz chops (though the tone is awesome...)

Many more examples on his website:

I like Maret's playing especially his contribution to Charlie Hunter's Right Now Move, although I will say that that has just as much if not more to do with hunter himself and his writing. Where I find Maret a tad weak is on tone, which is somewhat bland to my ears.

I would also like to endorse Gregorie Maret. Not only is he playing with some big jazz names, but he has the chops to match. The album I found that showcases him best is:

Andy Milne & Grégoire Maret - Scenarios

Which is on itunes for a start.

There are a few harp players playing really well in traditional jazz idioms up to bop, but I haven't heard anyone else who is so strong in post-bop jazz, except maybe Chris Michalek on Monk Alters Chi. Anyone got any other suggestions? Remember I am looking for top level post-bop jazz with harmonica, NOT top level harmonica playing weakish jazz, or the players of older styles - there there are Toots, Larry and many others.

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