[Harp-L] Effects for Harp


I've always been partial to rotary speaker (Leslie) sound. Especially if one is playing split intervals, this effect can make the harp sound organ like. There is some tradition for this among the Chicago blues players. Both Carey Bell and Paul Oscher have made recordings using this effect.

Compression is VERY helpful, especially when playing into a guitar amp. All compressors are not created equal, however. Some sound terrible, some suck tone, but a compressor that is harp friendly can really enhance the sound, especially if other effects are being used. Compression can help you play clean or help make distortion sound more articulate and controllable. Compression is a very useful and versatile effect.

The mic being used makes a big difference in how whatever effect you are using will process the signal. A signal from a green bullet, for example, will process differently than a signal from an Audix Fireball.

Have fun!


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