[Harp-L] Effects for Harp

I have just bought a Digitech 200 pedal and after my initial disappointment that it didn't make me sound like.............,I have been having a ball dialing in some weird and wonderful sounds.
It's quite amazing to hear what a note blown on the harp can be made to sound like.I had a perfect trumpet at one stage(course never wrote down what I was doing so that patch has gone)
Anyway out of all the effects/amp simulations etc I have pretty well settled on one that to my ears would be perfect for how I like to play
a hard/crunch type blues.None of the traditionalists would probably like it but that is not the question here.
CHORUS! Just a touch seems to add that touch of gravy,thickener,call it what you will ,that we all crave in amped blues harp.And, just a touch is the key thing.
Am I the only one who thinks this?I mean a lot of the modern blues(y) masters seem to use a million pedals but,as far as I know none use chorus as effect.
Am I alone?
Love to hear your thoughts ,if any, on this particular effect.( Tiresome disclaimer: I know acoustic tone is first but hey I am just talking fun here)
So does anyone use a Chorus effect on Harp?
in NZ

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