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When I got deeper into listening to the harmonica AND all the other  
instruments, I noticed just what Winslow describes in regards to tongue slap.  When 
chords clash, my solution was to learn to tongue slap so fast that you  don't 
have time to really hear a chord from the harmonica - just a sharp  percussive 
effect. In so doing, I also discovered that this gives a more solid  attack to 
the note created with the tongue slap.
The Iceman
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winslowyerxa@xxxxxxxxx writes:

The  other potential downside to a tongue slap is that if the chord notes on 
the  harmonica clash with the chord played by piano, guitar, etc., then the 
slap  will sound bad. Players who use slaps where they clash with the backing 
chord  are not doing themselves any favors - you have to actually listen and  
understand whether the slap works in the musical  context.

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