[Harp-L] Modifying the Peavey Delta Blues 210 to a crunchin' Harp amp?

1. Is there anyone out there in HarpL-land that that has experience in 'modifying' the 35 watt Peavey Delta Blues 210 to be 'a more effective harmonica' amp. 
The PDB210 definately is a great product and has 'grunt' with a hi Z microphone, a pre amp tube change or with the Kinder anti feedback; however I'm wondering if some one with much better 'technical skills' than me has explored this amp or hot-rodded any changes that really 'crunch' it ?
I bought mine years ago after seeing Jimmy Z from Wet Willie endorsing them. 

2. Another little problem I noticed.
I keep some amps in my art studio adjoined under the house. It's not really 'damp' down there but I notice some dust mould creeping onto one amp even undercover. 
Does anyone know how to remove that stuff and prevent it from forming again. Obviously the more valuable amps may need transferring into the bedroom. 

3. Are there any suggestions on the 'easiest' computer music program to use in order to sample, edit and to cut/paste music  in order to create backing 'loops'?

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