[Harp-L] Articulation...

John, that's a good question about articulating the notes.

I could be totally wrong but I think both have their merits depending on what you are doing.

When I'm not playing fast I instinctively use "Ka". This also works well for split octaves. It's also useful for bending notes when you need to work with your tongue. Though most importantly the "Ka" articulation is good for placing less emphasis on the punch or attack of your sound. Gives it a nice... "round" or "smooth" touch... I think it works best when you do it like you're articulating the sound "Khhh". It'll be more punchy that way (but not too punchy!).

But when I'm playing fast or doing that tripple-tongue thing it's gotta be "Ta". It's really useful for speed playing and staccatos! I also prefer this for chords because it gives me more control over how they sound... Now, when I'm doing the Butterfield-honk thing I need to use the "Ta". Gives the notes that super punchy honk kinda quality. (Just don't keep on bending into that 4-draw by habit everytime you start a line with that hole.. It's way overused... ;p). And with this one I usually articulate it like I'm saying "Toh". It'll make it sound fatter because the tongue articulation can actually make the tone a little too thin.

Hope this helps. And guys, please don't kill me if I'm wrong. I've only been playing for roughly around 2 years.



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