Re: [Harp-L] Slide Man Slim youtube post

What I wouldn't do for Wes' thumb (up or down!) ;-)

I thought _you_ were mr. smooth!

- Slim.

Joe and Cass Leone wrote:
I was the second person to watch it. My personal feelings are: Since I believe you are the smoothest chromo player alive today and your guitar work would probably get a thumbs up from Wes Montgomery, I don't feel that you should post on you tube. I believe you have spent enough time practicing, and all future music coming from you should be paid for. You wouldn't want to get over exposed.

joe the smokey

On Nov 9, 2008, at 3:19 PM, Slim Heilpern wrote:

Hi Folks -

Just posted my first home video of me playing a duet with myself (guitar with looper, chromatic harmonica) to YouTube:

The tune is "How High the Moon".

If anyone digs it, I may do some more ;-).

- Slim.


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