[Harp-L] Harp Depot

Hi all,
I checked the Harp Depot web site today to check their price for Suzuki Bluesmasters (my favorite harp). 
After my horrible experience in doing business with Harp Depot in the past, I did not intend to make a purchase,  just check their price. 
Well, it seems that Harp Depot changed their website quite a bit, and now offer ONLY Hering Harmonicas. No Hohner, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, or any other harmonicas are offered... only Hering.
Could it be that all the negative comments and negative publicity about Harp Depot has prompted the major harmonica manufacturers to revoke Harp Depot's dealer status? 
If this is so, then Harp Depot got what it deserved! 
Goodbye DOC. Your devious business practices have finally caught up with you.

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