[Harp-L] Harmonica Collection Sale

Hello Friends,

We are assembling a list of harmonicas - some old, some new - to be available
for sale. Most of them are from our late friend Ray Tankersley's collection,
so will be considered of value. Many of the items are one-of-a-kind
collectibles, while others are a variety of orchestral models, etc.

As the collection is sorted, and cataloged, more will be added very soon.

We are offering them at reasonable prices, and hope they will be treasured
by those who knew him.

Please make a reasonable offer for your choice, whether it be one item, or
a variety, and we will notify you of our decision. No reasonable offer will
be refused. Items will be shipped from California.

Find the listing at: http://www.bassharp.com/harps4sale.htm and make your
offers directly to me for consideration.

Thank you,

PO Box 5061
Hudson, FL 34674-5061

* Available for Ensemble and/or Session Work
* http://www.bassharp.com/bh_itin.htm
* http://www.bassharp.com/nwht-magnolia.htm

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