[Harp-L] David Naiditch is a good friend of mine . . .

Now that he's bloomin' famous!   (I've missed this thread as I've been out of town for a few weeks working on a successful national election...) 

And since our local hero David Naiditch is out of the closet as a monster harp player (also a mean string-picker!) I will confess and claim him not only as a neighbor and friend, but also a member of the Elmtree Blues Society, where he occasionally graces our jams with fine diatonic and chromatic harp.  I mean, REALLY fine!  Also, he has some wild hats.

David can do a mean jig, too.  Ask him whe you see him!  but don't tell him I said so...

His mom is Hannah a real star, as well, my favorite local radical socialist, journalist and wry commentator on all things.  In fact, she has just written a fine memoir, see this  : http://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/bookdisplay.asp?bookid=46604

I am awaiting delivery, I don't know if her book has any harmonica content, perhaps a political conversation about Chinese Communism with Cham Ber Huang, from when David was stufying with him?

-Dave Fertig

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