[Harp-L] Articulation...

Here's a question (probably dumb one but anyways...)
I've been playing now for nearly six years, mostly blues, and have  recently 
begun to record myself to go back and review to see what I could do  better.  
I've been in the habit of tongue blocking and articulating  notes with a 
tongue slap.  Listening to it, I can tell that it is kind of a  mushy attack on 
single note playing and not a good sound a lot of times for what  I am doing.  
The question....  Is the best attack on a single  note the "ta" using the tongue 
or "ka" coming from the throat?....what's the  most common?  I know this 
isn't an exciting topic but thanks for the  help.... I don't want to be a sloppy 
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